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Obama DOJ Wants Immunity For War Criminals

At the same time that the newly styled

President George Bush introduces the Joint Res...
President George Bush introduces the Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq, October 2, 2002. The resolution was passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law two weeks later. White House photo by Paul Morse. Image obtained from http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/10/images/20021002-7_d-iraq10022002-th-1-515h.html. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Chelsea Manning was being sentenced to
35 years in military prison for revealing
the crimes of the Bush Administration,
on the rampant abuses of the
illegal “pre-emptive” War on Iraq,
Obama’s Department of Justice was filing
court papers requesting that George W. Bush,
Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell,
Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz would
be granted procedural immunity in a case
alleging that they planned and waged the
Iraq War in violation of international law
(which they did!).

The plaintiff is an Iraqi single mother and

English: Baghdad, Iraq (April 27, 2006) - Secr...
English: Baghdad, Iraq (April 27, 2006) – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld address the media after meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. Rumsfeld and Rice made an unannounced visit to Iraq to meet with senior military commanders and government officials, including Iraq’s new Prime Minister designate, Jawad al-Maliki. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
refugee now living in Jordan, named Sundus
Shaker Saleh. The complaint was filed under
her name in March 2013 in San Francisco
Federal Court, alleging that the planning and
waging of the war in Iraq constituted a “crime
of aggression” against Iraq, a crime
considered the highest of crimes by all the
International War Courts.When one considers the acts of Bradley

English: At the UN, Colin Powell holds a model...
English: At the UN, Colin Powell holds a model vial of anthrax, while arguing that Iraq is likely to possess WMDs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
(a.k.a.Chelsea) Manning, who was just
sentenced to 35 years in prison, and the cushy
kick-back lifestyles of the instigators of this
utter waste of perhaps over a million lives
and of untold material in Iraq (not to mention
the laughable establishment of the TSA and all
of the cronies who capitalized on the outfitting
of both this and the Department of homeland
Security, an entity whose very name conjures
up upsetting Nazi significance); the very
Treasury of the United States of America is up
in smoke and causing the cratering of the world
economy – mostly, in connection to these
diabolical war machinations, it is difficult, indeed
to reconcile the acts and the punishments being
meted out to the various parties mentioned
The guys in the Apache helicopter,
who wantonly massacred 11 innocents, as
mere “bug splats”, including Reuters Journalists,
women and children; they were never cited for
any crime and have skated out of the whole affair,
which also culminated to the house arrest of the
entity who released this information to the press,
led by Julian Assange who has been held for over
two years by the ridiculous, British toady legal
establishment; under house arrest, due to the
extremely specious, trumped-up, so-called
“sex-abuse” charges against him by the Swedish
There is a war being waged on the truth-tellers.
Is this the world YOU want? Do you want to
be de-facto liars for the rest of your lives, by
allowing these disgraces to the fundamentals
of American and Western law to continue to
degenerate to uncharted, illegal totalitarian

Obama DOJ Wants Immunity For War Criminals

The Unbelievable Disparity!

This is just unbelievable!

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US Resort to Terror,Stopped trying to win hearts and minds of Afghani’s

W e have now occupied Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly twelve years. Do you think the Afghani‘s or Iraqi’s love us for keeping the peace in their countries? First of all you would need to understand they do not feel or experience any peace by what we have or are doing to them. The American forces in Afghanistan have quit trying to win over the hearts and minds of their conquered people and now are just seen as a worse nightmare than what there before “we came to conquer er ah I mean ah (liberate) them.”

America now resorts to terror in trying to keep them in line. We are acting worse than the terrorists who occupied the lands before us.We have become worse than the Taliban. That is shameful. Actually it is horrific. When you invade a country on lies, this is what happens. WE are not seen as liberators, we are the terrorists.



This is going to be America’s legacy in Afghanistan. Terror by the American soldiers and the increase in Heroine output, addictions and deaths. As American’s should we feel proud our President lied us into a war and this is to be the legacy we leave behind?I know I’m not feeling very patriotic about this whole war. And now we are just moving on into another war. The Afghanistan and Iraq war is already costing us 4 – 6 TRILLION dollars and we are not done there yet and are moving into other regions for more wars.

Remember when President George W. Bush first got us into the Afghanistan and Gulf war and there were tons of outcries. Then they came up with the slogan to “JUST SUPPORT OUR TROOPS?”Because you can’t say anything bad about them. Then news started filtering out about torturing and now terrorizing. Murdering people senselessly. It has been disgusting and it is only getting worse. The only person going to prison over this torture situation is the guy who spoke out and said we were doing this and it’s wrong. He’s going to do two and a half years while the people actually committing the crimes do 0, nada, nothing. It just doesn’t pay to speak the truth.

Shoes that were thrown at posters of Bush
Shoes that were thrown at posters of Bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)