An Honest Man

Today I am bringing you the story of Budd Dwyer. This film has


English: Official Poster for "Honest Man:...
English: Official Poster for “Honest Man: The Life of R.Budd Dwyer”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


been out for about three years now, but his story goes back to the 1980’s and earlier.


Budd Dwyer was a humble, honest servant of God and the people he served while holding public office in Pennsylvania. His story should never be forgotten as he not only touched the lives of many he served but his honesty still carries a legacy that is forgotten by today’s politicians.


Budd Dwyer held to the truth when it would have been so easy for him to look the other way. He could have served many more years in politics if he had been a lesser man. That was not Budd and he held to the truth and what was right and because of this, he ended his political career and his life.


Most Americans don’t know anything about what happened on that day in 1987 when Budd took his life in front of the reporters and all of America. Most Americans don’t know this event ever took place. The day when one of America’s finest, honest servants of the people, ended his life.


Not willing to “go along” with the standard crimes of the day, Budd Dwyer was set up to take a fall for the true leaders of this country, our second government, because his honesty and devotion to those who elected him, would not allow for him to be as today’s politicians, bought and paid for followers of corruption and deceit.


Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer



Bribes are standard business on Capitol Hill these days as


State Senator Dywer
State Senator Dywer (Photo credit: Budd Dwyer Archives)


lobbyist own our politicians. This is why no matter who you vote for, you end up with the same politics. The interests of our second government is served, not that of the people of this once great nation of ours.


The lobbyist who serve their master insure their needs are served and regardless of the people’s sentiment, will always be served even at the expense of what is right and good for the United States of America. Their end game is not the service of Americans but their own agenda which is indifferent to the laws and needs of Americans.


The Constitution has no real meaning to these people. Out of their mouths they spout Constitution and I love America, but in their vote, where it really matters, they say, no to the Constitution and to the people it was designed to protect. There is no honesty by these people and no love of America as they seek to dismantle every part of the Constitution which affords us protections from just such tierney’s we are now facing today from our own government.


As each of our rights are being taken away, piece by piece, because the honest and ethical man appointed to protect us, like Budd Dwyer, has disappeared and gone way of the paid for politicians we now have serving in offices all across America today.