Residential Centers for You and the Family

Residential Centers


This is about to be the new home for many of America’s


English: Seal of the United States Department ...
English: Seal of the United States Department of Homeland Security. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


citizens. Not for terrorist suspects. This is for the people who wish to hold our government accountable or who may wish to discover some basic truths about what our government may be doing. If you speak out about anything the government may be doing which government officials don’t want the public to have knowledge of could have you fitted for the new home. The other name for Residential Centers is Concentration Camps or Detention Centers..


These Detention Centers are prisons. With barbed wire fences inwardly pointing to prevent escapes like any other prison around the country.


Martial law is coming, prepare !! Banned Episode – with Jesse Ventura.f



Concentration Camps


Much like Nazi Concentration Camps, the railroad tracks run right into these Camps. Anything coming to mind there? Our Senators deny their very existence. Yet they vote for them.


Plastic coffins for the dead numbering into the millions are already available for use. These coffins have been set  right by our railroad tracks for?


Who Controls these Detention Centers?


FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security oversee these facilities which are broken down into ten districts. With hundreds of Concentration Camps set up and ready for use. Some of these facilities already have “residents.”


Congress passed legislation (H.R.645) authorizing these


Photo of mass graves at Bergen Belsen concentr...
Photo of mass graves at Bergen Belsen concentration camp, 1945. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


facilities to house Americans and these facilities are not housing criminally guilty people. Those are housed in our prison systems. No, these are for dissidents, for those who question or protest what the government is doing.


Is the United States Government preparing for an eventuality they are sure to come? Is there reason to believe all these facilities will be needed? Why would they be needed? Why are they here?


Government Protects Itself!


A runaway government looking to protect itself from truth seekers would need such facilities. Would you by they are for our own protection or imprisonment? These are obviously not for our protection.


Is there an expected calamity about to hit America? Something so catastrophic it will send millions into the streets in protest? The government already knows something it is keeping secret from the public. Something it doesn’t want you to know about. Maybe the impending collapse of the dollar or our economy where millions will lose their life savings? If you think 2008 was a collapse, just wait for this next one. With all the money we have printed on worthless paper, and the dollar being outed as the world’s trading currency, and nations around the world not buying up America’s debt, and America’s spending of more than it makes, and so much of the taxes raised going to the Federal Reserve and offshore interests, and all the corporate welfare, and money to defense and our second government etc., it is probably a sure bet we are going to have a major collapse like we have never known.


Our government has attacked and lied to us so many time


Birkenau Concentration Camp
Birkenau Concentration Camp (Photo credit: lifebeginsat50mm)


through the years and we are supposed to just say thank you. More terror attacks carried out in secret by our government can be expected and that some idiotic line of reasoning will be pushed down our throats as in the past. And if you call into question any part of their analogy, you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist and laughed out of public view or locked up as a terrorist and anyone can fall under that broad definition as now defined by our government.


Use of the Military


There are troops being trained right now to arrest or kill American Citizens. There are even more private military personnel employed for this purpose. Then our own Police Departments will also be used to round-up Americans who wish to express their Constitutional rights as citizens of the United States.


Yes, it is now legal to use our own military for this rounding up or killing of its own citizens. It didn’t use to be, but that has all changed now.


A police state is not a good way to live, or a good place to live in. But unfortunately, it is coming. Along with more involvement by our military in wars around the planet.


Al Qaeda


This is especially true in the middle east where we are working with and supporting the Al Nussra Front and the FSA. The Al Nussra Front is what we were told were the terrorist involved with 9/11, Al Qaeda. We support Al Qaeda and they are the best armed terrorist group fighting against the Syrian nation. We ought to know! All the rhetoric about should we send arms to this conflict because they may be used against us is nonsense as we have already seen to that outcome and have actual troops right there, Marines. This next step is just so we can truly get involved in a larger way.


Russia and Iran have bolstered the Syrian government in this war and the whole middle east and many African nations along with eastern and especially south-eastern europe are choosing their sides in this conflict which quickly will escalate into WW III.




Wars are mostly religiously based and this one will be no different. There are a couple biblical prophecies at play here. 1)The king of the South and the King of the North. 2) Gog and Magog.


Eventually it will be God who comes to save. So now more than ever it is time to prove your relationship with him because the time is short and God is not one to be mocked.


Do not wait until it is too late for jesus said that the seeds you sow must grow for a season. So if your intention is waiting to just before death to ask forgiveness, you are fooling yourself that God will be favoring you as you die.


God is Love does not mean that God is stupid and can be deceived at the end of your life into believing that you have and will sincerely change your life to serve him. Get right with God today so there is not a doubt of your future with God.