Plane was a Hologram

Holographic technology has come a long way in its advancement. Holograms look just like it is the real item. in this example, it is a plane.

The American government has perfected the technology. You see UFOs and they are holographic. Occasionally there is a malfunction as one wing of the plane disappears but the technology is very real.

Proof Plane was a Hologram

Hologram Plane

Project Bluebeam


Whether the use of Project Blue Beam technology is an as supposed in the previous video, I am not sure about, but the technology to make planes or UFO’s appear flying across the skies, that is real and has been employed and fooled people everywhere. Including, 9/11.

Our government has engaged in some horrific acts through the years, but 9/11 has to be one of the worst ever perpetrated against the American people.

President Bush, Dick Cheney President Obama and the rest of their group needs to be incarcerated until the death sentence is carried out. Traitors!


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