Since shifting 56,000 Manufacturing Companies overseas With a direct job loss of 8,000,000 (million) jobs and indirectly losses of 32 – 42 million jobs, The United States is reeling and it’s economy can no longer sustain itself as a world power.

World Powers

English: Sankey's End The closure of this fact...
English: Sankey’s End The closure of this factory in 2005, brings to an end the last of the large Manufacturing Companies in Bilston and thousands of Jobs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing about world powers, They have a manufacturing base. America let its walk away. And we are and will continue to suffer for it. Meanwhile, the country which accepted  most of our manufacturing companies is surpassing us and they are way outpacing us in every way. They (China) now even has advanced military technology.

How will America fare?

We are going to bust and suffer while the corporations that packed up and left will still be who they are, money hungry, company is the only importance, ┬átake care of #1 only, and greedy to no end. They won’t care that the United States is no longer United as it crashes and is swallowed up by several debtor nations around the world. America will be just one big prison for the world’s complainers. Those who speak out against this corporate takeover of the world and especially The United States of America

The dollar is collapsing like the rest of our economy. If we do not end the control of those unpatriotic jerks controlling our economy and robbing us blind The United States will suffer terribly. It is time to stand up for what is right. Lock up those banking crooks, take all their holdings to pay our way out of the mess they have gotten us into.