President Barak Obama fooled me Once, not twice

Fooled Again, President Barack Obama

I will admit to being fooled initially by President Obama during his first run for Presidency. I enthusiastically voted for him convincing several others to do the same. But it did not take long after he was sworn in for my excitement about this different President to wane and then collapse into “he is just like all the others”.

I am sorry to say, but I did not cast a vote for President in the last election. I voted other topics and positions but not President.I learned my final lesson and will not be casting my vote in the future, where I know it does not matter which party or what that person says, will not make a difference to how our government operates. I thought for sure Barack Obama was different. The First United States American Black President, I felt would fight for what was right. I sure was wrong about that assumption.I was actually fooled into believing he was ready to stand up for Americans. I was wrong about that. I thought he was strong enough to stand up against the injustices of the previous administration. I was wrong about that.
My fears it really made no difference was proven to be true.Since I can not cast a vote and make a difference, I felt on line I would express my dismay of Politics as usual, and allow my concerns about our Religious leaders be expressed in writing. I am becoming an old man and my body is breaking down and while I still have some ability to express myself, that is exactly what I am going to do.
With very little computer skills I sat down and started a new life on the web. One that is dedicated to letting the American public know I was not going to sit here and listen to all the lies being told by our Government officials or or Religious leaders.We have been Brainwashed into believing that our best interest are among their main concerns. Christendom has failed us and so are our political leaders. The power and their greed has exceeded all expectations we will ever get this under control.Important people who turn against our Second Government (YOU KNOW, THE HIDDEN ONE WE PAY FOR)end up dead. It probably started at the founding of this nation but definitely since Woodrow Wilson’s Presidency.Turning over the  to private bankers has step by step, systematically ruined this country.We receive paper while they receive gold and us! We are their slaves. No matter how you slice it up, we (America) will never pay off this national debt and the solution for this will be more wars and more suffering by True Americans.Those bankers charge us interest for stealing from us and for owning us. Our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen who vote in favor of this type of slavery should be ****! I thought President Obama was definitely going to be different.

President Obama stated it so eloquently when he said “only those with something to hide keep secrets”from the rest. He most definitely knows about that.
Planet Earth has been home to more than one group who eyed owning the planet and it’s resources which include a population of slaves to take care of them. And the best slave is the one who thinks he is Free.
The founding Fathers warned of allowing the privatization of the Federal Reserve  and they were right.. Congressmen were supposed to come from the population, serve two years and then go home while someone else put in two years for the people. Our Senators were given six year terms as they were to be the more distinguished leaders. Our whole system is no longer anything like the original government crafted to provide for and protect us from just the type of situations we are now experiencing. Those great men who fought to establish this country are rolling in their graves with despair as each one of their protections are systematically unraveled and Tierney replaces it. This is not America, Home of the Free, Home of the brave. We are not free and we are asleep.
None of our Presidents have been perfect men, but those Founding Fathers tried to protect us from the type of injustices we now experience. They stood for, and fought for hard working Americans. So we as a nation could prosper and so in freedom we could live. Do not tell me those were different times as other nations controlled us and were on our lands. They fought for what is right. They fought for you and for me.I was fooled by President Barack Obama. But not anymore.