The Vatican, Aliens and Satan continue the deception of Humanity!

The warring factions of the Gods are literally going to be announced to Earth’s inhabitants. I stated in my article

“Jeff’s Truth Forum

WWW III – The Mediterranean Oil War and the Real Enemy!

What is really going on?”

that the two main groups behind the world’s problems were… “So who is behind all the world’s mess? The Jesuit Branch of the Vatican and the Nation of Israel! The two who do not wish to see the return of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!”

Let me propose a question to you. Satan is in charge of this world. With that being said, Why would Satan allow such a landing to take place on his lunch basket Earth if they were not followers of his? Satan is devious enough to know humans are waiting for their saviour to arrive and change Earth  into a paradise after Satan is done away with.Satan is not just going to hand the planet back to God.So to allow this race of advanced beings to just roll on in has to have a deeper part in the overall plan.This doesn’t sound right to me. These advanced humanoid like Aliens ARE PROBABLY THE MOST ADVANCED VERSION OF Their interbreeding program which has taken place. These enlightened beings will walk among us teaching us the “Truth.” A new religious indoctrination.That sounds like the Anti-Christ to me! When We know Satan is in charge and it is in his plans To sit in God’s throne here on Earth.That requires the building of the Temple.This is where Jesus is to rule from.That is why Satan would have us misled into believing this all-powerful race of beings would solve our problems and then work out an agreement to rebuild the new Temple under a one Religious Ideology.But like I have already stated, that agreement exists and now we will see the unfolding of that agreement.

Jesuite missionary, painting from 1779.
Jesuite missionary, painting from 1779. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Jehovah/Yahweh and Marduk slugged it out in the first fight, Jehovah kicked his buns. Similarly, when Jesus and Satan Duked it out, Jesus died and Satan seemed to be victorious, however we know Jesus was to die for us as our redeemer, and rise from the grave and this is what took place. Keep an eye out for who is declaring peace has come. Keep an eye out for mention of the building of the Third Temple. This will give you an idea of whom to beware of. I understand that The Jesuit order preparing his followers and nearly two billion Catholics believers for the arrival of the Extra Terrestrial Life is huge all by itself, but keep this in mind, this knowledge has been available to them for a long time and plans were set for how they would be introduced. Which allows enough time for a brainwashing program to be used on the population. With all the UFO talk and sightings, this could easily be a rogue to get the new er updated version of cloned humans hybrids integrated into our planet’s structure and Societal make-up as their intelligence should have them in charge of every facit of   this planet. It is when the Anti-Christ enters God’s temple (the third Temple) And he claims rulership from God’s seat, it is then Jesus comes to deliver a butt wooping to Satan and his followers.

The Vatican and Alien Connection / Petrus Romanus – 04/04/2012 Tom Horn & Steve Quayle/OmegaMan

These next couple years should be eventful at least. The dollar is crashing, WW III is underway, Aliens are arriving, the Anti-Christ will enter the newly built Third Temple of Solomon. Wholesale people will die. Innocent blood. American forces are and have trained to kill Americans for a while now. Be wary, be Leary and be suspicious of these declarations of peace. You’ll be hearing them.