The Mediterranean Oil War: Israel Readies to Strike Iran!

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Israel is on the move. with submarines and warships being strategically placed to strike Iran‘s Nuclear facilities. Two years ago Israel purchased the huge bunker busters from the United States and have outfitted their planes to carry these massive bombs. Like small nuclear weapons, these bombs are to get at the Iranian underground facilities. Guess who else has submarines sitting in wait? The United States. We are stretching ourselves so thin, after Israel starts the action, we will join in. and it won’t be long before China sicks North Korea on South Korea. We’ll do alright for a couple of weeks. Then with our limited personnel and resources, remember we get some of our weapons from China, the United States fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and South Korea, will just be too much for us when Russia comes after Israel and then us, The United States of America!Our forces being spread Map of countries who own nuclear weapons so thinly will leave us to get a beating by a very strong Soviet Union. China with their Brand new Aircraft Carrier will help North Korea take control of that region. The Nuclear weapons will have to start flying at some point. Russia does not have any real love for Israel! They (Israel) will get nuked. Then other nations will send their Nuclear weapons also.

There are an estimated 20,000 warheads in the world’s combined stockpile of nuclear weapons. Of these, almost 5,000 are considered operational and about 2,000 belonging to the US and Russia are believed to be ready for use at short notice.

Although the exact number of nuclear weapons in each country’s possession is top-secret, the Federation of American Scientists has made best estimates about the size and composition of national nuclear weapon stockpiles based on publicly available information.

Their sources include the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Nuclear weapons mapOf the Nuclear capable nations, we may only have United Kingdom and Israel fighting with us. That leaves Russia, China, N.Korea fighting against us while Pakistan and India destroy each other and France sits on their stockpile till later. Aside from Russia, there is only going to be one winner, the Illuminati! Population Reduction? We (America) are so brainwashed, we still believe a plane crashed into the twin towers on 9/11.Truth is, “THE PLANE FLEW RIGHT ON BY” and never crashed into the building!We have all been lied to. Lies!We receive a steady diet of that good stuff. And we eat it right up. The American Government doesn’t lie!!

911 – Plane never crashes into building

The American dollar is going to be taken off the world standard in the near future sending us into a huge depression. America has just printed trillions of dollars we can’t back up. Think about it. We owe China unreal amounts, along with other nations. China is already dumping the dollar. Check it out! We are on the thresh hold of not being capable of paying the interest on our debt. As it is .46 cents of every dollar goes to the bankers who own us! Just check the stock market and see how much your Birth Certificate is worth. You know it is being traded as a commodity?AND WHAT ARE THOSE BANKERS DOING IN CHARGE OF AMERICA’S MONEY FOR ANYHOW? WHY ARE WE PAYING HUGE INTEREST PAYMENTS ON “OUR MONEY” FOR? RIPOFFS! We Have been sold out by our Government!

When Israel bombs Iran don’t cheer, as that is what the Illuminati are doing. The last parts of their plan are shining loud and clear. Listen to it for yourself!

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Since childhood I wondered how the German nation could have fallen for Hitler and ended up in their second World War in four decades. They were no different from us today! Lies, propoganda and a sleeping population. My half German ancestry is telling me we (True Americans) are in very bad trouble.

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