Meet The Price Family

This is the Price Family.  My wife (Sarah) Is sent by my God. She came into my life at a time I really needed someone. I was a single dad raising two little girls. One with disabilities. Sarah had a boy of her own she was raising. Scot is Autistic, nonverbal communication and low functioning. My two daughters Carrissa and Victoria took right to Sarah as Sarah is truly remarkable with children. I met Sarah after Carrissa was released from the hospital in November 1997. Carrissa turned three in a coma just before her four limbs were amputated. As a Quadruple Amputee Carrissa would need plenty support in her life. In her first three years of life Carrissa received cardiac surgery, suffered through seizures nearly died three times and now has had all four limbs Amputated. Unfortunately she wasn’t done with the surgeries.

Sarah and I married in March of 2002. Sarah (Houston) worked the disabled students at the school Carrissa would now be attending. Over time Sarah made it clear she wanted to help me with Carrissa and Victoria. Our schedule was a gruelling one, as Carrissa had appointments everyday. Most days were multiple appointments for various treatments she had to undergo. Then one day, after multiple times letting me know of her wish to help me, Sarah just came home on the bus with Carrissa. Help had arrived. Sarah helped in so many ways. She came into our lives and never left.

My youngest daughter Victoria graduates Just Graduatede High School this June. Then off to College. Carrissa Graduated High School last June, and is now in a transition program. Carrissa is loved by all who know her. She is very independent. If she can do it, she does. Carrissa will be a tax paying employee soon. She is learning how to deal with a bank account. Paying bills is a hard concept for her, for some reason. 🙂

Sarah  has a disability she deals with and she is a fantastic mom. My name is Jeff and I am a Happy, Proud Father and Husband. And this is my family.

I am not one to leave God or blame God. Carrissa is absolutely amazing. Victoria is so very special. With musical abilities and her desire to help others makes her a stand-out and will someday fulfill her karmic needs for this life term. As for my Karmic debt.The sixteen Karmic debt mean destruction of the old me and in with the new me. It is about the fall of the ego.Through the sixteen, reunion with the Great Spirit is achieved.Usually a painful process because it comes after much ego inflation.Life presents challenges to my grand plan and I will likely feel humbled. The key to my success is humility. When sixteen is a core number I must be careful of egotism. Those with a sixteen Karmic debt use their highly intuitive and refined intellect to look down on others and view the rest of the world as inferior. This is a path of progress and great spiritual growth by placing my life in God’s hands. It is his will, not mine.

I speak to the religious harlotry I see in the world’s religions. But I still Love God and will enjoy being anywhere near him in the future, if God allows.

Here is a person (Quadruple Amputee) Like my daughter Carrissa, Sharing the same outlook on life. He is obviously an inspirational person. Y ou do not forget when you meet people like this. I still today have people approach who know Carrissa but I don’t them. It’s fine.

The most inspirational video you will ever see Nick Vujicic