American Medicine, Is It the world’s best?

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The world news here in the United States and the rest of the world seem to be very different. I listen to the news on American television and scour several other media sources, then  check sources outside US control, amazing the differences. There is actually news being reported. Sometimes it’s hard to know with the joke known as American television news, if there is real news being broadcast at all.

I just wanted to mention, A story reported around the world making headlines and only getting small play in the US. The story is how Antibiotic resistant strains of Bacteria are increasing and spreading rapidly. Some statistics are becoming quite alarming. More deaths attributed to CRE“s (Carbapenem-Resistant Enterbacteriaceae) than AIDS OR Many other widely known diseases. With a kill rate of 50% of those infected, this is serious. Spreading from 1 US State in 2001 to 42 states today. Right now about 19,000 die each year from CRE. America has shown some concern with MRSA, but has seemed to down play it in our news. However other Countries are stepping up and making the warning, plain and clear.

UK Medical Chief Davies said in an announcement to the press, “Antimicrobial resistance poses a catastrophic threat. If we don’t act now, any one of us could go into a hospital in twenty years for minor surgery and die because of an ordinary infection that can’t be treated by antibiotics.”

The report filled by Kate Kelland Sunday March 10, 2013 for Reuters, stated Davies announcement was Published in a report on Infectious Disease. In a separate report on Tuesday March 5, 2013 it was reported Nightmare Bacteria on the rise in the US. Stating for the first half of 2012, 3.9% of all US Hospitals have infected patients with CRE.

I find that statistic real interesting since only six (6) states require reporting to Public Health Authorities. WHY ONLY SIX STATES? The reports also noted we are not creating new antibiotics, while the Bacteria are increasing in the number of strains (above 70), and the antibiotic strains are increasing, we have no new weapons to fight them with. ONE LAST TRULY INTERESTING NOTE IN THE REPORT , Israel a few years ago revamped their hospitals rules and in the first year, the infectious rate dropped 70%. Now they run near zero. In comparison,where does America stand? To High, that’s where America stands at. Without all states reporting and taking the threat seriously, we don’t know where America stands in this fight.

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English: Logo of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (2006) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While America is making strides surgically(some very skilled surgeons) it seems to be falling behind the rest of the world in many other key factors. More of the world takes a whole view of the patient and the problem, while America seems to just treat symptoms with Pills or surgically takes care of the issue. Neither of those really get to the main problem of how the patient got this way in the first place. This may keep the patients coming in to hospitals, because the real problem never gets addressed. Increasingly though, more Americans are opting for medical treatment outside of the United States.

In a 2010 report – “There’s a whole new world of Medical treatment available outside the US.” Dated February 26, 2010 By Lionel Waxmen states, “As many as 750,000 Americans sought medical treatment outside the United States in 2007, and it certainly is a lot more today.

“Why is this happening. Why leave American medicine for what Mexico or other countries offer as medical treatment? “Available rules and equipment that are in use around the world except in the U.S.”  are available.

“Because the Food and Drug Administration has not approved them for treatment in America. Big Pharma keeps these treatments off the American market. “The report further states, “The United States is actually the last place to adopt cutting edge rules because the FDA is the slowest medical regulatory body in the world.” And yet, we have new pills accepted every year that kills and maims many of the users of these drugs. We know after they are on the market (pills) there will be class action lawsuits against those prescribed medications and their makers. Pills, no problem for The FDA, no matter how many deaths occur, but many other forms of treatment, problems. To slow. This isn’t going right as I see it.

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Coat of arms of Mexico. Español: Escudo Nacional de México. Français : Armoiries du Mexique. 日本語: メキシコの国章。 Română: Stema Mexicului. Русский: Герб Мексики. Svenska: Mexikos statsvapen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems as though in nearly every aspect of American Policy, the underlying theme is,  make them sick and dependent on the Pharmaceuticals we give or the surgical procedures we do. American medicine is no longer at the top. The quality of medical services in Mexico is as good as what can be had in the U.S.

Most doctors, even if they received their primary medical education in Mexico, have taken post-graduate education in the United States and many are board certified. One way patents test facilities is by accreditation by the Joint Commission International. There are only 20 accredited hospitals in the world and eight of them are in Mexico, although others are being evaluated for accreditation now. How does America view Mexico? Backwards country with nothing to offer? Eight out of twenty in that run down country.

America and her greed are missing the bigger picture. Think of it like this. Our down trodden neighbor to the south has medical rivaling America’s with costs that knock the socks off the American way.

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It’s sad, we have legislation passed forcing Medicare to buy drugs at high rates, and then those same legislators come on television day after day berating the high cost of medicare. When that legislation passed through by the Republican Party it was cheaper for me to by my medication in Canada after we shipped it there, and have it shipped back here, than it was to buy it here. That’s the same for many other products. We have such high prices here and you aren’t allowed to buy the same product elsewhere and ship it here, even though it is cheaper. I am not talking about different manufactured products either. My medication shipped to Canada is the same as shipped to my local facilities. Same same. After being shipped there, and me purchasing it there and having it shipped back to here, it was still cheaper, considerably, than just buying it here. You would think CHEAPER MEDICATIONS FOR OUR STATE FUNDED MEDICARE PROGRAMS WOULD RECEIVE SOME ATTENTION FOR THE PRICE RELIEF. That was strictly FORBIDDEN. AND THEN TO COMPLAIN ABOUT COSTS IS JUST WRONG BY OUR POLITICIANS!

Separate, divide and conquer America. TERM LIMITS! If legislation forced the bold face liars out of office, we wouldn’t have politicians in there for life, as we do now. Two years for Congressmen as designed by the framework of our constitution and six for our Senators. Two years and out was designed for a reason. The average person serves his/her two years and then goes back to their normal lives. Senators were given the longer term as our Statesmen needed better understanding of the issues. Today, their salaries keep increasing, their government retirement funds are completely outrageous, and all they really need to do, is lie to you and me and keep amending and thwarting any attempt to oust them from office, to keep power they were never designed to have!

More news coming down the pike. The American dollar is fixing to be belly up. With much of the worlds economies failing there is no preventing the occurrence. Those in the know are preparing for this eventuality including preparations for interning Americans as they riot and complain about the lies and their losses. It’s Summer now, just wait for the Winter. America, Protect yourself! Where is the world’s Gold supply at right now? Mega Billions in Gold has vanished.

The American medical situation will only get worse , no matter what you hear. Propaganda is a strong tool and America has been duped again by those that run you. There will be more to come on this soon.


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